If you have ever owned a pet, then you can agree that they are as particular about their likes and dislikes as humans. Pets only eat certain foods, only entertain certain people and they are as equally concerned about their scents as we are. Gerrard Larriett Aromatherapy Pet Care was designed to solve the biggest challenge of pets and pet parents – unwanted odors!

Pet Care Guru Gerrard Larriett Announces Strategic Partnership With PetSittingology.com

July 15, 2014 Entrepreneur and pet product specialist Gerrard Larriett just announced a strategic partnership with PetSittingology.com, an innovative new website that helps individuals start

July 20, 2014 Press Release

Well Known Maker Of Natural Pet Grooming And Aromatherapy Products Set To Appear At New York City Dog Parks Over Memorial Day Weekend

Visitors to New York City dog parks during the Memorial Day weekend should be on the lookout for adults dressed in canine costumes. One of

May 12, 2014 Press Release

Local Entrepreneur Gerrard Larriett Named A Finalist In The Harlem Demo Day Competition

Gerrard Larriett, a local entrepreneur and creator of a popular line of aromatherapy pet care products, has been named a finalist in the Harlem Demo

April 17, 2014 Press Release

Gerrard Larriett Set To Unveil Innovative Aromatherapy Pet Grooming Line At New York Pet Expo

Gerrard Larriett, creator of the best aromatherapy pet care, will be on hand at the Nassau Coliseum during the New York Pet Expo on May

April 17, 2014 Press Release

6 Great Tips For Getting Your Dog Potty Trained

Lots of people think that getting doggy potty trained is a tough task, but it doesn’t need to be. If you arm yourself with plenty

July 11, 2013 Tips & Tricks

Take the Bite Out of Chewing!

The act of chewing seems to be a matter of individual preference among dogs: some have an innate desire to chew as a pleasurable activity

June 25, 2013 Tips & Tricks

Pick the Perfect Dog for Your Allergies!

While a hypoallergenic dog will not solve all of your allergy issues, you may notice that certain breeds of dog will not cause you as

June 11, 2013 Uncategorized

Protecting Your Sweetie from Heat Stroke

What is heat stroke? Too much time exposed to the dangerous combination of increased temperature and humidity can lead to a heat stroke. A mammal’s

June 02, 2013 Health

Smelling Good and Feeling Nice, the Importance of Grooming Your Dog

If you have a dog, then you are already familiar with the art of dog grooming. If you are just considering a new pet, there

May 18, 2013 Grooming

Tips for Making the Most of Your Dog’s Golden Years

With appropriate care most dogs live complete and happy lives.  Unfortunately, an adored pet never seems to live long enough. Each breed has different life

May 15, 2013 Health
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